Sunday November 13 2022


Waking up bright and early.


We’ve got the much anticipated Music Makers LIVE show at Elevation 27 today. Andrew and I load everything into the venue and set up. There are three new production guys here to help.


It’s always such a stressful and chaotic mess on the stage with the kids and adults alike asking a thousand questions and not knowing all the little things to do. However, they all prove themselves natural performers. I’m so proud of all the bands. And I’m grateful to have Vlad and Rebecca host the show.



Back at the studio. After transporting all the gear I chat with Rebecca about things we could do differently next time to make it run smoother.


Back home. I enjoy some lunch. Then, napping thankfully!


Later on in the night I organize all the gear back at the studio.


Catching up on video stuff and relaxing.


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