Friday November 25 2022


Waking up bright and early at 8:10 a.m.


Linking up at the warehouse for the ELO trip. I’m riding in the big van and trailer this time. Jimmy and Brittany in the back row and I in the row next. After some conversational investigations into why steering wheels aren’t in the center of a car I’m able to get some shut eye.


PB&J. Tea.


At The Beacon Theatre in Hopewell, Virginia. I remember this place from a few years back when we played here. Small theater room but a beautiful place with an upgraded light system. We brought Chris White with us so we can put an actual human behind the light board who knows the show/music.


Setting up the stage and merch area – always takes so much time. The stage guys keep lowering the light truss; Nigel keeps banging his head on them – I swear he needs a helmet at gigs.


My dad and his wife Patty are here. They’re able to hang back stage and eat lunch/dinner. Chinese food on the menu tonight.



Right at 7:45 we go on and do our two sets of all the ELO hits. The energy feels great – lights look fabulous – no projection though for whatever reason.



We manage to make it back to the hotel but not without turning back around for Nigel’s briefcase and iPad – and then later Brittany’s bag. It’s always something.


It feels great to be relaxing in this hotel bed


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