Saturday November 26 2022


Waking up bright and early at 8 a.m.


In the big van I sit in the back row while Carlos drives us north. Working on computer things and whatever business that needs tending to. Eating some hard boiled eggs with a banana and tea.


Napping at some point.


After some crazy traffic on 95 we eventually make it to downtown Wilmington, Delaware. At the Grand Opera House – this place is absolutely stunning with a very high ceiling painted with Renaissance style images, a much bigger stage than yesterday.



Unfortunately, we discover the big merch rack never made it on the trailer from yesterday’s gig. How? We have no clue. Our whole disorganized system of load in and load out failed us. So we scramble to figure out a solution by recruiting someone from VB to haul all our back stock of t-shirts and cd’s. I spend all my spare time coming up with solutions to fix things at the merch, video, and whatever stage issues we have.


After all is said and done we do manage to get a nice sound check and have time to order dinner across the street from Chelsea Tavern.


Fish n Chips with Veggie tray for me.


John, the hospitality guy, is extremely nice and gifts me with a tiny jar of honey from the bees they keep on the roof of the building. Apparently, the bees stay busy cause of the all vibrations of the music performances that go on.


We do our two set show and all is well – lights are fantastic – the audience is full and receptive. Sometimes while I’m playing I’ll watch the crowd sing every single lyric.



Packing it up and loading out. The hotel is literally a block down the street so we’re able to just roll our luggage rack over with ease.


Rebecca and I settle down and look through some footage. Libido kicks in...  


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