Saturday November 19 2022

Today was the second show for Broadway. First show yesterday was amazing but this time it’s even more amazing.


Spending all afternoon making sure everything is in order – camera rolling – lights flashing in sync with the music. So many great numbers done by the cast members. Once again, I’m proud of the Dark One scenes. With Kevin and Reid syncing up the lights and sound effects it all came together in dramatic fashion.


Afterwards, I do my best to pack up everything in a hurried fashion – everyone else lends a hand – we manage to get out of there a half hour before our rental time is done.


Dropping off all the gear at the studio then heading to the cast party at Carol’s house – I’m able to throw tonight’s footage up on the screen while we all laugh and cheer.


It’s finally over – I’ve participated in some of the biggest things all at once in such a short amount of time.


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