Monday January 4 2016


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A couple buddies of mine and I have the ability to time travel. We go back in time about ten years. Hanging out in 1435. We have this test as a way of proving to others we actually can time travel. Show someone our hands and start counting one finger at a time. Then suddenly stop and ask them what number you're on. For some reason they forget what's happening – it's like a time glitch. At one point in the narrative we get stuck somewhere in the far future. My buddies explain to me that we're actually in the future and all those times we traveled in the past we weren't actually in the past – it was just a vision.

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Waking up at 11 a.m. feeling much, much better.

Irish Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maca Powder, Strawberries, Blueberries, Maple Syrup, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.

Running around with Ana – driving to O'Reilly's where she used to work to buy a couple parts and a new battery.

Stopping by the Toyota parts dealer. We're running out of time. It's down to the last minute before she has to be at work. It's just one thing after the other. The lady's on the phone. Locate the parts. Pay for the parts. Sign here...and here. Card declined. Use my card instead. Time to go.

"Time is precious," she says as we pull up to Trader Joe's.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Oolong Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

At the Princess Anne Rec for adult basketball. Getting a lot of games in.

Leftover Kale, Carrot, Onion, Chic Pea, and Quinoa Soup.

Watching Training Day (2001).

At the music space doing a vocal rehearsal with Jimmy, Caitlin, Kim, and Ana for The Wall.

Honey Crescent Pastry with AVC Drink.

Ana's a G...
Ana's a G (Jan 4 2016)

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

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