Thursday March 19 2015

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (2)[i]

After about five wonderful hours of sleep on the futon floor of the van I awaken in the charming city of New Orleans. With Calum, Josiah, Ana, and Bianca. We park by the Mississippi River right next to a river boat with a lady on the very top level tapping an obnoxiously loud carnival-esque pipe organ.

Almond Honey Peanut Butter Granola Bar.

Walking around the French Quarter with no particular place to go. Strolling down Bourbon Street. Street performers are on every corner playing jazz and gypsy music.

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (3)

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (4)

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (5)

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (7)

In search of any hole-in-the-wall café to eat brunch. We find a place that sells affordable breakfast plates and beignets (New Orleans style powdered donuts). Sitting out on the shaded patio. Eating Beignets and sipping on an iced Café Au Lait. A cat lurks nearby in hopes to catch the fluttering birds that randomly dive down for crumbs and leftovers.

New Orleans (March 19 2015) (6)

After taking a couple bites of his eggs, bacon, and grits, Josiah gratefully exclaims, "Mm. Eating is important."

Back on the road. Eight more hours till Austin. Sharing Chic Pea Salad Sandwiches with Ana. Navel Orange. Staying hydrated with Lemon Water.

Josiah asks Ana, "So what is it with you and lemons?"

"Ana's just a lemonhead," I reply.

We continue on the repetitive road. Lounging in the back with Ana and Calum – reading through a book about Beethoven's life – napping.

Gas Stop (March 19 2015)

Dig USA (March 19 2015)

And then...AUSTIN!

Entering Texas (March 19 2015)

We meet up at John Flower's place; he just moved out here to Austin. We use Uber to check out the Cheer Up Charlie venue. Deerhoof and Of Montreal are scheduled to play.

Deerhoof at SXSW (March 19 2015)

Yip Deceiver at SXSW (March 19 2015) (1)

Yip Deceiver at SXSW (March 19 2015) (2)

Of Montreal at SXSW Yip Deceiver at SXSW (March 19 2015)

Ana and I share some goodies from a food truck nearby: Brussel Sprout Salad, Fish Sandwich, and Roasted Beets. It's like an amusement park in Austin, with little mini festivals happening at every venue.

After the show, our entourage takes a stroll through the heart of SXSW. Tons of people everywhere – flyers and show posters scattered all over the ground – it almost resembles an intensified version of the oceanfront back home in VB.

After a long 2-mile walk we make it back to John's place. Ana and I sleep in the van cause space is limited in the apartment.

[i] Images by me.

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