Thursday August 7 2014

Birthday Letter from Mom (August 4 2014) (0)[i]

Waking up around 12:30 p.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Almond Milk. Georgia Peach. BioAstin.


I got an official 30th birthday letter from my mom in the mail today. It's complete with a homemade cover decorated with car stickers, red heart balloons, an inspirational bible verse, and a four-page handwritten letter that goes into an extensive reflection on my birth and the progression of the early years of my life.

"You are proclaiming an impacting melody across the world!"

"It is my privilege to be your MOM. I think my father God he blessed me with you. Through the years we have endured great heartaches and loss but also great joy together. As you continue on this journey of life, continue to be relentless in your desire to share what God has created you to be." 

I've got three lessons scheduled today at Music Makers, all of them voice. One of them is in an electric wheelchair – she's handicapped but not mentally handicapped – still she has difficulty keeping her neck and head calm – she tends to lift up her neck when attempting to reach high notes. Teaching voice in general is a bigger challenge to me than teaching piano. It requires a lot more engagement and patience. Most all of the students just want to sing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I can't blame them though because I'm sure that's all they hear on the radio and the songs are simple enough to learn anyway. This just means I'm gonna have to tough it up and try to enjoy these songs myself.

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwich. Baked Olive Oil Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea. Georgia Peach. Figs.

At The Escape running a couple miles on the treadmill and lifting weights.


Leftover Salmon with Broccoli, Carrots, and Brown Rice.

Watching Jimmy P. (2013).

Maple Leaf Cookies.

For some reason lately the house has the fruit fly plague – they're everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in Josh's room. I set out the mini bowls of apple cider vinegar, as I've always done to catch and drown the little buggers. As soon as the irresistible odor fills the air they crowd around the ACV pond I created for them like it's a pool party but unbeknownst to them it's a death party.

Fruit Fly Catcher (August 7 2014)[ii]

At the storage unit practicing a set for a show this Sunday.



Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Birthday Letter from Mom. 
[ii] Image by me.

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