Sunday August 10 2014

The Parlor Bathroom Wall (August 10 2014)[i]

Ana awakens me with her soft and persistent touch at 10 a.m. I could push her away because I'm so tired but I decide to give in. We're long overdue for a sex session.

Waking up again at 12:54 p.m.

Our food angel, Skipp, is here with plenty of almost expired food from Fresh Market: meat and salad dishes, cookies, bagels, chocolates, coffee, etc.

"Man, Skipp always seems to know when I run out of food," Josh says.

Making Almond Oatmeal Maple Pancakes with Peanut Butter and Coffee for Ana and I.

At The Escape. Running a couple miles and lifting weights with Ana.

Egg Sandwich with Mayo and Tomato. Banana. Honey Green Tea.

In Norfolk for a Musicplayer show at The Parlor off Granby Street. JoAnna Lynne and this guy Levi Weaver are also on the bill. I've never been to The Parlor before – it's a fairly new restaurant/bar located in the arts district. There are a hundred light bulbs hanging from the warehouse ceiling with unconventional wires glowing orange, a dim lighting and mood setter. Large gold-plated mirrors are affixed to the tall brick walls. We sit comfortably in neoclassical couches, the kind you might find at your Grandma's house. JoAnna serenades us with her beautifully dynamic voice. Then, Levi Weaver impresses us with an array of loop pedals and vocal arrangements – all his songs are very personal and dig a deep well to his heart. I perform last. By the time I begin my set crowds of people have trickled in, but not for the show necessarily. They're here to socialize and take pictures. The mood isn't matched for a singer-songwriter. As Ana puts it later to me, I had to "recalibrate my attitude", which I did. I know how to adapt to new settings well. Ana comes up in the middle and we chime out our usual oldies and covers.

The Parlor (August 10 2014)

Shoegaze at The Parlor (August 10 2014)

It turns out to be a profitable show. I actually get paid. I use some of the money to order Ana and I dinner and drinks.

Baked Cornish Hen with Brussel Sprouts, Potatoes, Zucchini, and Artesian Bread.

Ana was bought a glass of wine by a friend. I didn't realize how particular and talky she becomes after a little alcohol. It's not unbecoming or anything. It's just amusing. She explains that everything is amplified from her perspective.

Me: "All it takes is one drink to amplify your life!"

This whole place has turned into a club-like atmosphere with loud hip-hop music and 20-somethings taking over the bar. The deejay starts spinning some killer mod-funk-disco. Ana and I swing and shake to the beat. We don't care if we're the only ones on the dance floor. 

Afterwards, I meet up at Ana's house to relax and enjoy some Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies a friend of hers from the bakery made.

Cookie Thighs (August 10 2014)

She warned me earlier about how messy her room is right now. She used the word tornado to describe it.

Me: "So you're saying there's wind currents circling your room right now? I gotta see this!"

Of course she's terribly embarrassed and attempts to block me from entering the bedroom. It's a playful game. I manage to get inside and we topple over each other onto the floor right into a pile of clothes. No wind currents to be seen here but its apparent there was earlier. She says she is in the middle of organizing all her things – trying to get rid of certain stuff. We lie around on the bed for a while. General kissing and affection before I leave.

Back home.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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