Thursday August 1 2013

Pop (August 1 2013)[i]

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Waiting impatiently at a red light that's taken at least ten minutes so far. In the car with Darren, James, and Ana. In anger I storm out the car and into the intersection where a lady is directing traffic because something's wrong with the light. I demand an explanation from the lady. But it's futile so I start directing my line of cars to go. We have to plans to be at this venue in Chesapeake for a show. For some reason I feel it's important that I stash my book bag and jacket in this area before we hit the interstate. I run inside an old Lutheran church nearby. Our car is still waiting at another light so I have time. I march through the sanctuary, through the foyer, and into a classroom. The door makes a haunting squeaky noise when I push it open. I can hear the sounds of ghost spirits faintly within the noise. I tip toe quickly to the back of the room and place my bag atop a shelf, an inconspicuous spot. A teacher steps in briefly but doesn't notice me. I run back out the way I came, still hearing the spirits whenever the door creaks.

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Waking up just before 2 p.m.

Sharing breakfast with Ana: Plain Bagels with Vegan Cream Cheese and Orange Juice.

Time for groceries. Ana tags along. At The Heritage getting some honey and sharing Kombucha Tea.

I joke that her Blackberry phone, which has multiple problems with it like no internet and mistyping constantly, should have a new name. I call it a Gooseberry. It's like the Blackberry's poor second cousin.

Turning into the Kroger shopping plaza we see a scrawny black lady with poofy gray hair and a disgruntled face slowly walk across the street.

Me: "I think that's Don King's sister!"

In the car I explain, "I feel much better now that I've obtained fruit. I can't live without it."

After cutting up the big cantaloupe and sprite melon together I walk Ana out to her car. Feeling somewhat of a sadness when she leaves. Upon reflection I realize we didn't have sex last night or today, nor was there any kind of intensified affection. She doesn't take the initiative in sexual behavior. I'm kind of left to that responsibility. Personally, I like it when someone else comes on to me. This is just who she is. She's very cautious and concerned. In general there's a calmness about her, and our interaction, that is refreshing. I like it. No stress, just good-humored moods. But she keeps her deep personal thoughts to herself sometimes, like in that journal she writes in. If I even come close to it she becomes protective of it. She'll smile embarrassingly and say, "Can you not..." This is one of her catch phrases.  

Ana: "I hold back affection because of my fear of giving too much."

Egg Sandwich with Vegenaise and Tomato. Goldfish Crackers. Lemon Water.

I get called into China Wok to deliver two orders. Then I meet up at the storage unit with Josiah to learn some Ladada songs on bass. The wind picks up outside, the rain swishes down, and the lightning flashes in the distance.

Blackened Salmon with Couscous and a Salad.

Watching Acolytes (2008).


Riding my bike around Hilltop just after it's rained.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

How To
Be Alone

Sleep 5ish a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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