Sunday August 4 2013

Don't Resist Your Birthday. Source unknown.[i]

Waking up at 11:14 a.m.

Ana asks, "What time is it?"

I don't answer.

"I have to know when I wake up," she iterates with a smile.

Me: "I should tell you something...time doesn't exist."

Watermelon. Peaches.

All day shift at China Wok.

Well, it' my birthday – my last year as a 20-something. It's a strange feeling to know I've surpassed 29 years of life. The older you become the more your neck aches from turning your head and looking back. I used to dislike birthdays in my late 20's but now I've just come to accept the yearly reminders of turning old.

Sitting at the restaurant Ana walks in with a surprise. She was just at Trader Joe's and bought Chocolate Coconut Water for me.

Me: "This is like my birthday cake!"

My mom calls and leaves her annual birthday voicemails of her singing a song.

But then she calls back so she can actually talk to me. It's hard for her to believe I'm turning 29 today. Recalling the day I was born she remembers the particulars, like when she was in labor they had to stop at a Hardee's to get a sandwich because she (we) was hungry, and looking at my hands when I came out of the womb she remembers my fingers being long and thinking to herself I would play piano one day.

Half a Salmon Wrap with an Egg Roll. Honey Green Tea.

I wrote "KISS ME & TIP ME. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" on a strip of masking tape and placed it at the top of my Putt Putt Party Time t-shirt in hopes it will inspire good tips. 

Delivering an order to the Dolphin Inn at the beach. Two jolly black ladies answer the door. One of them notices the tape on my shirt and starts singing and dancing, "It's your birthday!" She says to her friend, "That means you gotta tip him."

I add, "Or a kiss!"

Both of them react in a humorous roar of, "OOOOOHHHHH!"

I can't help but laugh out loud on the elevator ride down.

A long hard day's work is over now.

Tofu with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.

Watching Rubberneck (2012).

James and I have plans for a pow-wow at Rick's. He brought his bike along so we hit the road on our bikes, taking the long route. While we zip down Birdneck he mentions something about hoping to find his backpack soon.

James: "One can only hope."

Me: "Hope is a facade, James."

James: "Well we need the illusion of hope to be happy."


At Rick's Café. The Doors faintly playing on the speakers. Our favorite waitress, Autumn, serves us. Sipping on a cup of Decaf.

Talking about a potentially awkward situation with a girl he knows – he shares a snippet of the conversation.

Me: "You're too clever for girls like her."

James: "I know, dude. It's horrible. I feel like maybe that's my problem."

Me: "You're just too clever for anybody."

Then he pulls a classic Darren-esque statement, "I think sometimes I, like, scare girls away with how awesome I am."


Me: "Wow! The most condescending thing I've ever heard out of your lips, James."

James: "That was a bit Darren of me to say."


He mentions his idea to have some kind of a summer fling and nothing more.

Me: "You gotta be careful with your fantasies, man. You're gonna build your expectations for something that doesn't actually exist."

James: "That's the point."

Me: "Yeah! And that's the problem with humanity!"

James: "My imagination is so spectacular it makes real life seem horrible."

Back home.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Don't Resist Your Birthday. Image source unknown.

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