Wednesday March 13 2013

Emma McNally.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

Here is a man with a rugged upbringing. He has dark circles on his eyes. He’s in love. And not just with any woman. He’s in love with the actress, Radha Mitchell. Oh the love is mutual. However he’s gone mad. Something switched in his soul. He’s lost the gift of empathy. His intentions are hostile to everyone else but her. There he is flying in the sky incased in a strange inflatable flying machine. Radha confronts him with love inside the machine. He’s feeling lost. The machine tumbles and rumbles, bouncing off the ground and up in the air. Time travel into his past. We are taken to a scene in a house where he grew up with his brother, mother, and father. I’ve taken on the role of his older brother. I’m aware of what will happen to him if our father keeps mistreating and neglecting him. Our father is a short pot-bellied shirtless man, the kind of man that always has a beer in his hand, the kind that feels entitled and shouts all the time. I confront him in confidence.

Me: “Dad! Listen to me. You’ve got to stop this. Let me help you raise him.”

Father doesn’t really comply but he doesn’t get angry with me either so maybe there’s hope.  

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up randomly to the other roommates in Katie’s house making noises in the kitchen.

Around 9:50 a.m. it’s time to get up. Katie heads off to work.

“It was nice talking last night.”

I find a Panera up the street to relax at. Sipping on Coffee and doing some organizing online – booking shows – promoting events in Russia.

Falafel Hummus Wrap. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Lemon Water.

Driving into Georgetown to pick up my Russian visa. I finally have it in my possession. I was a bit worried about the small chance of them denying me entry but now everything’s set in stone.

Taking the three and a half hour trek back to Virginia Beach. On the way hitting a few traffic jams but nothing too unbearable. All the while I’m on the phone solidifying more plans.

At the storage unit playing some songs on piano.

Then a little one on one time with James at Rick’s Café. Katerina and Autumn, our favorite waitresses are here. Katerina serves us.


Having a humorous discussion on the after life...

Me: “You don’t know what happens after you die...until you die. Then you’ll know. But I guess it would be nice to know for sure before you get there.”

Katerina: “Can I schedule, you know, a meeting with God before I die?”

Me: “Yeah! People do it all the time. Especially with the internet nowadays.”


Fried Flounder with Tartar Sauce, Broccoli, and Texas Toast.

Back home having a surprising unsettling conversation with Aysena. It’s kind of uncalled for and I don’t really know why. There’s just a misunderstanding. Sometimes that happens.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Emma McNally.

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