Tuesday March 19 2013 (MOSCOW)

Russian Adventures (March 2013)[i]

The bright cabin lights flicker on and I hear an Italian voice announce they’ll be serving breakfast soon and that we’ll be landing in one hour.


I chomp on some Milano Cookies and sip on Hot Tea. How appropriate is it that they served us these cookies considering we’re landing in Milan (Milano).

At the Milan airport. Snacking on Goldfish and a Blueberry Yogurt while looking out the terminal windows amazed at all the various mechanical things on wheels. Remembering as a kid how fascinated I was with cars and things like that.

In flight.


Apparently when you request a vegetarian meal this means only vegetables and fruits. Where’s the protein? I guess they just don’t have any alternatives so instead they just up the amount of plants. It’s no big deal. I’ve found, when traveling, I tend to eat too much and without rhyme or reason. The rule is just to eat when given food. What else can I do?


I finish reading The Stranger over a cup of Coffee. You’d think the coffee might have some say in keeping my body awake but nonetheless I drift off for the rest of the flight. I’m awoken at a very stressful and climatic part of the dream but within seconds it slips from my memory. There was something important about it. Oh well.


The blank white sky slowly reveals the snowy forests of Russia. My hands are sweaty. I’m nervous but in a good way – eager to see the city and more importantly to see Ays. We both entertained and imagined this day for a long time and now it’s actually happening. Our story is gifted with a sequel...

Moscow Airport (March 19 2013)

I’ve landed. Smooth transition through visa check and my guitar came out of the baggage claim without a scratch. Just outside the airport doors is a line of limousine drivers with hand written signs of people’s names on them. Hiding behind them is her with a huge shy smile painted on her face. She’s holding an “I Love You” heart balloon. Neither one of us can believe we’re standing in front of each other. It doesn’t feel real. We hug, share presents, and compose ourselves. Then brace the freezing weather at the bus stop. Waiting and waiting. The bus to the underground metro.

And then we arrive at Marina’s Soviet-style flat, northwest from the center. She’s a most hospitable and friendly couch surfing host with a lot of travel stories. Sharing Tea and smokes in the kitchen. Discussing some of the most important things to do in the city. She speaks rather great English as her husband is Scottish, well I guess that’s not necessarily the reason but she is either way.


It’s almost midnight. Ays and I take a walk on Leningradsky Avenue and pick up some bread and beer from a tiny market shop. 

Me: “Remember all those times you’d joke about hanging out with me in Moscow walking side by side down the snowy streets? Well here I am. We’re doing it.”


Back at the flat enjoying a late night snack of Eggs, Bread, and Beer. Marina’s off to sleep and we’re left to the den alone. It’s there that we unearth our pent up sexual fire. Ah. I remember this. I forgot how beautiful she is. I forgot how beautiful this is. And so it goes. Here I am on the 8th floor of an apartment building in the middle of Moscow making love. This is going to be a wonderful vacation.

Soviet Flat (March 19 2013)

[i] All images by me.

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