Saturday December 25 2010

DREAM: The other day, in waking life, Caitlin Pasko asked to borrow my keyboard for the show this Sunday. Attending the show—she’s performing. Trying to give the sound guy some advice on how to make her voice sound good—adding reverb and equalizing it. He’s this flamboyant black guy with a headset and he ignores me and keeps signaling to be quiet because it’s a radio show.

1:47 p.m. I open my eyes.

Breakfast: Orange. Toast with Honey and Butter. Hot Tea with Honey.

My nose is sick and I’m feeling achy.

Sipping on Tea all day long. Taking a Multi-Vitamin.

With Genesis. Playing with Google Translate—she’s teaching me some Spanish.

“Mi nariz está enfermo”

She’s a big fan of Linkin Park but doesn’t like Justin Bieber because he sounds like a girl.

She informs me that she is my cousin, well, half-cousin.

Introducing her to Mew, Vampire Weekend, and Surfer Blood.

Howling out the “Hound Dog” song on guitar and jamming on 12-bar blues—Dad is singing along and half-dancing in the kitchen.

All of us eating at the special dining room table: Tamales (made from scratch by Erika and Jorge), Lima Beans and Corn, Mashed Potatoes.

Dad’s reclining in the Lazy Boy. A news clip of a predominantly African American parade pops on the TV. “Look at all those monkeys,” he says. He’s not a racist in anyway but sometimes he says pretentious things like that.

I realize that he’s aging but I’m starting to notice senile old man qualities sprouting in his character—particular and critical. It won’t be long before he’s retired.

It was good to see him but I didn’t feel a deep connection this time around. I was kind of hoping to dig into life with him and just talk about things. The presence of Erika and her family probably deterred from it, even as pleasant as they are.

Finally heading home to Virginia Beach. As I’m driving the snow is falling fast creating this outer space vortex in front of my windshield.

Coincidentally, Doug and I sync our arrival times at the house. The 1623 residents are all here, even Kenneth. Welcome back home, Robert, I tell myself. Getting my mind back in the groove of this environment.

Eating a bowl of Cream of Wheat with Honey and Milk.

Doug got me a bowling pin for Christmas.

Josiah’s in town visiting. He’s been spending the night at the house. On the couches in the living room sharing and updating our lives and ideas. He tells me what Brooklyn’s been like, chockfull of stories. We spend a few hours in conversation as I pile up the snotty tissues next to me.

Eating Grilled Hearts of Palm in Olive Oil and Garlic (Mom gave me a few cans to try), Tomato Slices, Garlic Naan Bread, Hard Boiled Egg.

Photos from the trip:

Unpacking and organizing my things.

Sleep 6 a.m.

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