Friday December 24 2010

On the road in the cold dark night. Thinking about my mother standing there in the front yard waving the “MERRY CHRISTMAS ROBERT” sign at me as I was driving away from the house. It’s an incredibly sad feeling to leave her. She’s my blood and my nurturer. Her tenderness, her sweetness, her loving nature—I’m connected to her in such a deep way. I’ll never fully understand it.

Eating a Bagel with Peanut Butter and sipping on Coffee.

Speeding over the black asphalt—listening to music—searching for songs that take me into the nostalgic and poignant realm.

Around 7 a.m. Stopping somewhere in Georgia for a good night’s rest in the van.

DREAM: Sarah Serrano, an old friend from high school, got in touch with me and wants to catch up on things and hang out. Surprised by this. She invites me to her house. In her bedroom lying on the floor—she’s up on the bed. Another girl is there named Monica, but only in an abstract form, not a physical form. Awkwardly embracing Monica as I reach my arm around to touch Sarah. As soon as I make contact with her leg, she immediately rejects the whole situation and asks me to leave. ☼☼☼ Riding an abnormally tall bike down Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. The seat reaches as high as the power lines. Watching down below—having a hard time steering—trying to avoid hitting pedestrians and slamming into bumps. Eventually, I veer off into a parking lot covered in red brown dirt causing my bike and my body to skid across. I pass a group of teenagers who appear to be attempting their on bike tricks in the dirt. I apologize for getting in their way, but none of them seem to care. They give me a ride to the Oceanfront. Sitting in the backseat with a few girls and guys. The driver is being rambunctious and swerving around the corner to make a left hand turn. I warn him of the cop nearby whose patrolling the area. Just then, the cop trails us and puts on the blue/red lights. Disregarding the potential nuisance this could cause us, I start up a conversation with the girl next to me. She tells me her name is Monica. Something clicked in my mind and I connected information from the previous dream to this one. “Wait. You’re name is Monica?” She assures me it’s true and even shares her full name. I never had the chance to meet Monica in person. The rules of the dream only allowed me to talk with her over the phone before. Maybe this is her. Before I can even come to a conclusion, the car stops. We all get out in order to confuse the cop behind us. I look up and see the vehicle we were riding in was a yellow school bus resembling public transportation. People are getting off and on and crowding the streets. My mom is standing there to confront me—she thinks I was involved in something bad and wants to make sure I’m not guilty.

Waking up around 2 p.m.

Breakfast: Oranges.

Onward to NC.

Lunch: Hard Boiled Egg, McDonald’s French Fries. Blueberry Pomegranate Juice.

My butt hurts and my legs are cramped. The road takes on an identity of something eternal.

Finally arriving at my Dad’s house. Erika, Dad’s Honduras wife of at least 3 years, greets me at the garage door. Her English has progressed since I last saw her. She’s got her brother, Jorge, here from Honduras with his 10-year old daughter, Genesis.

Dad offers me a beer. In the kitchen Erika is on a mission preparing dinner and trying to be as hospitable as possible. I compliment Dad, “You’ve got a good house wife.”

Having Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans, and Broccoli on the big dining room table. I’ve come to the realization I only eat steak once a year—a tradition reserved only for Dad.

After dinner, Erika pulls out a bunch of photos to show me the rest of her daughters and family. She’s a handful and a talker, but a beautiful woman, and sweet. I’m happy for my Dad to have someone like her to take care of him and keep him company as he ages.

Lounging in the living room with everyone—attempting to play Christmas songs on the guitar and have a sing-a-long. Genesis taps her fingers on the remote like a drum—she has good rhythm.

Playing Monopoly, the never-ending board game, with Erika and Genesis. Dad is snoring in the Lazy Boy. The game must’ve lasted for about 2 hours, maybe more.

Eating leftover Apple Streusel Pie with Milk.

Sleep 4:45 a.m.

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