Sunday September 5 2010

DREAM ADVENTURE: A floating island high the sky—filled with green trees and vegetation of all kinds including long bean stalks fallen over the sides connecting to the ground miles below—and various ancient buildings and structures built into it. Something bad is happening on the island. Two girls, two heroes flying in. I am one of them. I can see the fantastical island up ahead. I have some kind of bendy pole that helps me hover strategically—having problems with it and can’t seem to reach even the edge of the island. I start floating downward in a spiral fashion. Cutting through the clouds—the wind blowing hard on my face. Discovering I can contort my body in a certain way to help me elevate. But it’s too late. I’m too close to the dark water below—landing in it. Swimming through. A Great White Shark’s fin sticking out of the water and maybe an alligator is nearby. The shark’s big mouth wide open gnashing at my legs. Somehow, I’m protected and no damage is caused. I make it out of the water and onto a surface. My legs are covered in muck and blood from the shark but I’m still not hurt. I’m inside a building now trying to stay stealth and out of sight from the workers who work for the island, which is high above in the heavens, maybe about 100 floors up. Crawling around and hiding behind walls. In a brown elevator room. The buttons have unique symbols on them. Instead of the standard up and down arrows, there are horizontal and vertical lines: “—” “|” I tap the “|” button because it makes sense in my head that it would mean going up and down, and the horizontal line goes right and left. Waiting for the door to open. The “—” car opens up. A girl and somebody else get in. Just as their door is about to close, I place my hand in between the doors and jump in with them. I stand in the corner next to the dark-skinned girl—she’s very beautiful and her glittery chest is showing. I lean in close to her—rubbing my face on her skin—kissing the top of her breasts—squeezing her arms—kissing her neck. She seems to be reciprocating the lusty desires I have. In my mind I keep thinking this is Dezi, who is an old friend of mine. Maybe she recognizes me, but I never ask. The other person gets off the elevator and we’re left alone now. She agrees to help me get to the top where the island is. The door opens up to a small two-lane bowling alley where workers are hanging out—they all stop what they’re doing and freeze in a stare at her and I. We stay on the elevator—the doors shut. We get off again into another elevator room with blue walls. Looking at the number of floors written next to the buttons. “100! That’s where I need to go.” It’s understood that somebody knows I’m here. Now the sense of urgency heightens. I sense somebody coming after me. She tries to think of something while we wait for the elevator to open up. There I am—stuck inside a building with a beautiful girl—underneath a heavenly floating island to which I can’t seem to reach.

Around 2:30 p.m. I wake up.

Emily: “I just want to get an iced coffee with someone…and something chocolate.”

Breakfast: Toasted Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Hot Passion Tea. Zinc, Alfalfa Grain.

I picked up a cell phone on the sidewalk last night and called someone named Sis to return it.

Sis: “Oh I hope he didn’t get locked up! Thanks for callin tho.”

A guy named Richie pulls up to the house to get the phone. He’s with a girl who I assume is Sis. Handing him the phone he says to me, “Thanks. You’re one of the few good ones.”

Work at China Wok.

Delivering an order on Lisa Sq. Waiting for the light to change on the corner of Oceana and Virginia Beach Blvd. A fairly heavy-set black guy on a vespa or moped is in front of me. Another black man with a cigarette in his hand walks past me and yells out in a raspy tone, “Hey! Can I get a ride?” The light turns green and the guy in front of me has already begun to rev up his bike. He turns his head around and looks back for a split second and replies, “HELL NO!” I laughed out loud for at least a whole minute.

Number of Non-Tippers for this shift: 0

Dinner: Baked Tilapia with Peppers and Onions. Basmati Rice. Steamed Green Beans.

Watching a little of A Home at the End of the World.

Updating stuff online.

After informing Art I would be baking cookies he says to me, “I love you, Robert.”

James calls me from Rick’s Café to see what I’m doing. He comes over.

We go dumpster diving at Trader Joe’s. The finds: Cauliflower, Chicken Salad, Papaya, Ginger, Pluots, Nectarines, and Eucalyptus.

Cleaning and organizing the dumpster finds at home. Hanging the eucalyptus in the bathroom to combat the stinky cat litter smell. James and I share funny internet junk.


Sleep around 5 a.m.

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Melanie said...

You have the most imaginative dreams ever. LOL
The floating part for some reason reminds me that I when I do dream it's not unusual for me to be able to "fly" in a sense.. more like levitation, but I have to totally "relax" and I will rise off the floor. But sometimes it won't work. Haven't experience that lately, though.

The finds look awesome, but not sure I'd be brave enough to try the chicken salad unless it was really cold. LOL

I rather love Tilapia and wish I could have peppers.