Monday September 6 2010

DREAM: In my parent’s room at the house in Ocean Lakes I used to live in. Having MUSICPLAYER practice. My amp set up against the wall facing the big bed. In my mind Chris and Kal are there, and even Tristan. But I look over and they look like somebody else, Jimmy, my stepdad, and my mom—they’re lying in the bed facing me—I’m standing there with my guitar strapped on and amp on. Jimmy is asleep and the others are tired. I want to practice more because it seemed like we didn’t even have a legitimate one. All of a sudden I’m high in the sky overseeing the entire city hanging from the track of a rollercoaster, Apollo’s Chariot maybe—all the other rollercoasters from Busch Gardens are in sight too along with buildings and houses for miles. It’s early evening and the sun is just about to set. The others are still nearby as if they’re just floating or maybe on top of a building. One of the Apollo trains rolls by fast and I plummet straight to the ground into the dark streets.

11:20 a.m. my alarm goes off.

Breakfast: Toasted Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin. Immune Defense.

Work at the ice cream shop at noon.

It’s steady—people coming in and out.

I start reading the first of four DOOM novels based on the computer game from the 90’s.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich with Tomato. Watermelon and Papaya. Honey Green Tea.

I’m able to be home for an hour until I have to work at China Wok at 6.

Eating the rest of somebody’s grilled potatoes left on the stove.

Delivering the Chinese food for a few hours.

Number of Non-Tippers for this shift: 0

Playing a solo set at Chicho’s Pizza on 29th and Pacific with Mike Gombas of Counterfeit Molly.

Eating two slices of Pizza and drinking two Beers.

James, Rocky, Teresa, and William all come out.

The mood is light and comfortable.

Weezer songs.

Afterwards, we, minus William, take a stroll on the beach and get our feet wet—playing tag. The breeze has a nice touch to it and the water is quite warm. As we lounge in the lifeguard stand, three black dudes approach us. One of them, looking at Teresa in shock spouts, “Whoa, you’re black? We ain’t seen a black person all night.” The others shine their cell phone lights to get a clearer look. He tries to persuade Teresa and Rocky to swim in the water with him, eventually offering $5 in return. He also asks if he will get pneumonia from his bare nipples being in the water.

The fresh dynamic of the four of us—James, Rocky, Teresa, and myself—is something new and made for a nice relaxing evening.

Talking on the way back to our cars—telling Teresa how I think African-American and Japanese seem like the perfect mix of races. We trade sweaters, but only for a short time. I give her my holey flannel in return for her regal sweater with triangular patterns and wide sleeves, which I find fascinating.

James found a folding chair on the beach. He’s trying to figure out how to fold it, but it seems impossible. Rocky gives it a try. No luck. After more attempts are made, I tell Teresa, “I bet if you try you’ll get it.” And within the first 10 seconds she successfully folds the chair.

Back at home. Eating a Cinnamon Bun with Milk.

Playing DOOM.

Thinking about an insurrection I feel is going to happen soon in my mind—someone a part of my life is trying their hardest to control me to their advantage. There’s much to be expressed here but I’ll leave this to my dreams to do the problem solving.

Sleep 5:15 a.m.

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