Thursday November 25 2021

Waking up at noon.


Banana. Tea.


Ana and I pack up her car full of baked goodies and head to Norfolk for her family’s Thanksgiving gathering at Auntie Marley’s. All her cousins, aunts, uncles, and nieces/nephews are here. Enjoying a big spread of the usual. Ana’s homemade apple pie was a hit. Anna Sosa brought her violin – Ana brought a guitar that I hold onto – strumming whatever the family wants to hear – a few sing-a-longs and a game of limbo outside. We also take quite a bit of effort getting a group photo.



Afterwards, we then drive out to Williamsburg where my dad and his wife’s family and extended family are having a gathering. It’s in an apartment owned by Jesus and his partner Julio, two very jovial Puerto Rican dudes – a collection of Versace and Louis Vuitton everywhere. We of course bust out the guitar and sing a few songs for the group – a karaoke microphone is passed around for Disney songs – Jesus does his own rendition of that Hercules song and Ana does a Pocahontas song. Salsa and African dancing eventually in the kitchen too!



Back home in VB. I spend the rest of the night cleaning up the dining room and kitchen.


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