Saturday November 20 2021

Waking up around 10:30 a.m.


Cereal. Tea.


I drive Reid and I over to the Kroc Center for the big Broadway Tech rehearsal today. There is much to do as far as setting up the stage and preparing to run through the show. The whole cast is here along with Reid, myself, Carol, Rebecca, and two sound/light guys. It’s of course chaotic and hectic getting all these kids adorned with wireless headset mics and figuring out where all the props and set pieces need to reside between numbers. There were many issues but none we couldn’t handle and deal with. We essentially set up as if we’re running the show but then take time to correct any issues with the transitions.


Afterwards, packing up and transporting gear and things to the warehouse.


Then, I’m home! I snuck in a PB&J earlier but now I’m starving! Ana picked up pizza from Pizza Chapel. We enjoy some greasy slices and then finish watching Dune (2021) together.


Catching up on business.




Having serious talks again with Ana.


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