Tuesday August 4 2020


Waking up around 11 a.m. It’s my birthday and the power is out. We had a storm brew through overnight.




At Music Makers dealing with the internet being down but it magically comes on while sorting communications.


Back home. Ana gives me a hand drawn birthday card to me with an image of a cassette tape that says I’m a magnificent mix. She’s clever like that.



Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Tomato and Beets. Salt n Vinegar Chips with Avocado.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers. It’s a low key mostly virtual lessons day for me.


Afterwards, I gear up and play some pickup basketball games over at Lynnhaven Park. They finally got the court lights functioning so when night falls we can still play.


Butter Chicken with Broccoli, Kale, and Basmati Rice from Nawab for dinner.

Watching Unsolved Mysteries (2020).


Talking with dad and Patty on FaceTime. Then, catching up on all the birthday wishes on social media and text messages. It’s nice to know I have a good set of friends that care about me.


It’s hard cause this is my first birthday without mom around. I know she’d be the first to tell me Happy Birthday and give me an emotionally rich card full of pride and love for her son. But I know she’s looking down and singing to me in my heart.


After Ana gets off work we finally slice up the cake she baked me. Here I am at 36 years old. It kind of feels like 35 but I guess it all melds together at some point.


Chillin’ with Ana downstairs messing around with these plastic balls and shooting them in the mini hoop.


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