Friday August 21 2020


Waking up after 12:30 p.m.


Ana and I continue our Friday tradition of brunch at Commune.


Pancakes and Bacon. Coffee.


Picking up some coffee beans from Three Ships. Checking out North End Bag Co. – ordered a new custom bag for myself.


Running some errands – picking up groceries at Whole Foods.


Taking care of chores and things around the house.




Shooting some basketball at Lynnhaven Park. Tristan and Ana meet up here for a while.


Back home. It’s a lot of camaraderie. Tristan, Ana, Erica, Roland, and a friend of his, Kevin. We slow cooked beans in a crock pot but they didn’t cook all the way yet so we wait. Putting it together in Tacos with Corn on the Cob. Enjoying the deliberate pun-like humor of Tristan and Roland’s tirades on mallwave music.


Later on, in Ana’s room. She massages my back. After cleaning up a few things I end up sleeping in her bed, something I rarely do. Making fire before we fall into dreamland.


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