Friday August 14 2020

Waking up 12:30 p.m.


Ana and I grab some brunch at Commune like we did last Friday.

Cornmeal Waffles, Bacon, Sunny Side Up Egg, and Coffee.


Running errands – thrift store – Wal-Mart.


Taking care of chores and stuff at the house.




Chillin’ with Ana in her bedroom. She puts on some groovy music and we get silly with each other. Making fire.


Smoked Salmon. Kimchi, Lettuce, and Toast with Butter and Jam. Breakfast Tea.

Watching The Way Back (2020).


At Music Makers getting all the MMLIVE gear ready. Jordan meets me here and helps transport everything to the church. We set up everything for tomorrow’s final band rehearsals. It always takes some time to make sure everything is right.


Back home. Ana baked us homemade Pizza with Cucumber Salad. Very delicious.


Her and I take our boards out to the church parking lot near our neighborhood.


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