Sunday April 12 2020

Waking up at some point after noon.


Ana made the house Waffles for breakfast. At the dining booth enjoying some with Blueberries and Strawberries. Genevieve joins us.


Ana and I do some dancing and exercise in the living room then hit up the basketball courts and track field. 70 degrees make for perfect weather. A slight breeze makes shooting the ball a little difficult but we gotta burn some calories!


Back home. Snacking on a Sweet Potato Paratha that I made last night with some Peanut Butter and Jam. Coffee.


Tristan Stewart comes over. We go to Music Makers to troubleshoot some issues I was having with becoming PCI compliant on my credit card terminal. He has a better sense of certain tech things that I don’t. We manage to change a setting on the router that we think may work.


Later on, we order Brother’s Pizza. With Ana and Tristan in the living room eating slices with a Kale Salad and watching Knives Out (2019).


Ana gets inspired to make Brownies!


It’s after 2 a.m. We finished cleaning and putting the dishes away. Ana heads upstairs to pick up her room. I sit alone in the living room reflecting. I’m reminded about today being Easter Sunday. Thinking of my mom. Many memories flood my mind of all the Easter Sunday mornings as a boy waking up to find a traditional Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and Hot Wheels cars. If she were here now I know she would’ve corralled Ana and I to church. Of course, the coronavirus would’ve halted that notion though. Either way, she would’ve reminded us to celebrate the resurrection. She never gave up her faith not in the slightest during that year of cancer. If anything, it strengthened and brought her closer to God.


Sitting in this living room now where she used to sleep and live, most of the time, I don’t feel her around cause she is physically gone. In fact, her absence pushes me into the memories of her. I haven’t really talked about her at all besides the few times Ana and I do. Somebody from the bereavement services at the hospice center calls periodically but I’ve never returned the calls. Talking to Pastor Rick a few weeks ago I remember saying to him how I feel peace and anger at the same time. I know the peace comes from my mom and all the times she probably prayed to give me and everyone peace. I wrestle with the peace sometimes.



Sleep at some point.

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