Friday April 17 2020


Waking up around 11:45 a.m.


Cereal. Black Tea.


Catching up on computer business.


Shooting some basketball around just trying to exercise. Another dude is here – he was here on the courts the other day.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Salt n Vinegar Chips with Avocado. Coffee.

Watching Fantasy Island (2020).


Organizing more of the living room. Since mom passed it’s been an on-going process. A little here. A little there. I’ve been thinking a lot about her this month for some reason. Always staying busy. I feel that helps me. I’ve always been one to not twiddle my thumbs ever.


Ana and I order Pizza from Brother’s. Eating a Kale Salad along with slices while watching an episode of Queer Eye in Japan. They always have little profound moments of inspiration and empowerment throughout these episodes.


Upstairs in my bedroom we make “fire”.


Later on, I’m at the studio practicing piano and guitar.


Playing DOOM.


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