Wednesday March 4 2020


It’s shortly after 5 a.m. I’m stuck on a plane to sunny Florida! Layover in Charlotte. The flights flicker by in a haze. I thought I could catch some Zzz’s with this new Trtl scarf thing but I can’t seem to get comfortable. I keep my ear buds in and drown out the ambient plane noise.


Arriving in Tampa. Still no sleep. I wait in line forever to rent a van. Jimmy and Leon meet up with me in the parking garage. The air is humid as Florida should be. Beautiful weather. I drive us a little ways across the water to Clearwater. Palm trees swaying on either side of the interstate and long view of the ocean.



At The Capitol Theatre setting up the stage for a big ELO show tonight. I somehow manage to take a power nap upstairs in the green room.


Sound check seems to take forever – setting the gains on all the channels and tweaking our monitor mixes.



Afterwards, I take a solo walk down to the water. The sun is about to set under this tall overpass. Boats rock side to side as the wind blows billows of waves. Seagulls of a different breed than I’m used to seeing crowd on the pier. This moment now is rejuvenating for me. I wish Ana were here with me – I know she desperately needs a vacation. I’m fortunate enough to get these little micro-ventures.



Dinner arrives from an Italian place in town. I chow down gratefully on a Chicken Piccata with Spinach, a Salad, Garlic Bread, and Cannoli.


8 p.m. hits and A New World Record hits the stage. We do our two 45 minute sets with an intermission. Jimmy Carr, my former stepdad, is in the audience. It’s nice to see him. We do quite alright. The theater is packed all the way up to the balcony. It’s always inspiring to talk with the people afterwards. They have only genuine things to say.


I drive out to Bartow, mom and Jimmy’s old home grounds – about an hour and fifteen minute drive. Talking with Ana on the phone about her day. I struggle to stay awake but manage to pull up in the driveway off Paul Revere Road.


Jimmy and his mom both live here now along with a very friendly and cuddly cat. I’m able to sleep in the second bedroom. So grateful to be in a bed sleeping as long as I’d like!


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