Sunday March 22 2020


Waking up sometime after noon.


A couple of breakfast bars with tea.


Working on Music Makers business at the computer – planning/scheduling for the week. A lot of our students have switched to FaceTime lessons so I have to sort it all out on the calendar and such.


Chillin’ at the house doing chores.


Sardines with Mustard, Kale Salad, Toast with Butter and Jam, and Coffee.

Watching Human Capital (2019).


Running errands. It’s almost apocalyptic at the stores. Of course, Target’s toilet paper and paper towel aisle is empty. We haven’t been hoarding much at the house except when we need something. Also, all these blue sanitizing wipes are littered all over the parking lot. C’mon people!


Back home. I exercise and stretch in the living room to whatever playlist I feel like listening to. Meanwhile, Roland is in and out of the back patio.


I get an urge to clean out and organize some of mom’s stuff I still haven’t dealt with like her shoes and personal things sitting in drawers. It’s a process but every now and then I feel like sifting through it.


Chicken Pot Pie with leftover Vegetables.


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