Saturday March 7 2020

Not sure when this day has started. Haven’t slept yet. My first flight from Tampa to Charlotte was an attempt to sleep – can’t tell if I did or not but I definitely closed my eyes.


Quick layover and then onto Norfolk. I try to read a little and sleep a little.


Ana picks me up from the airport. All I wanna do is go home and crash but I have to set up the rehearsal spot for band practices today. Doing that real quick with Ana’s help.


Napping for an hour at home.


Cereal with Strawberries and Almond Milk. English Breakfast Tea.


Today is the final band rehearsals for MMLIVE. I show up for the adult band – playing drums.


Then, a lunch break: Ana’s homemade Bean Chili with Cornbread and Coffee.


Last band rehearsal goes really well. I’m so proud of these kids – they really stepped up their game and energy. They’re gonna kill it tomorrow!

While breaking down the gear I feel an ultra amount of tiredness and achiness. I really need to catch up on rest and take care of myself.


Napping while Ana makes an Indian style dish of Tofu, Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Garam Masala.


Hanging out with Ana here and there. Catching up on things.



Hoping to sleep off this illness at 1:30 a.m.

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