Monday September 7 2015

Found Kitten (September 7 2015) (2)[i]

Waking up some time after noon.

Ana warms up Mini Oat Bran Biscuits with Hazelnut Spread. I cut up a softball sized White Peach for us to share. Skipp shows up and donates a bunch of discarded food from Trader Joe's.

Research and practice.

Grilled PB&J. Honey Green Tea.

Doing some cardio and dancing in the living room with Ana.

Ana and I drive out to the Markham house to visit with mom, Myra, and Kenny. I brought a bunch of goodies from what Skipp gave us to make dinner and to give to their house. Together we make dinner: Salmon, Black Beans, Spinach, Asparagus, Mushrooms, and Rice.

Two Arm Fan (September 7 2015)

It's nice to be here with my mom. The fact that she's so close to where I live is a blessing. Portsmouth is only 30 minutes away. After dinner I pull out the guitar and we sing through the songs Ana and I know along with a few Elvis tunes. Mom thought music would be good in lifting my great-uncle Kenny's spirits. He sings along and taps his feet while Dotty, the six-toed cat, licks herself on his lap. Kenny manages to chime in on that bass part in "Love Potion No. 9". It's a good time. Ana even serenades us in a couple of solo tunes.

Later on, we're drawn outside. A guy from the gas station across the street said he heard cat cries coming from our yard. We discover an innocent kitten holed up inside the engine of Kenny's truck. We're all in disbelief. Nobody knows where this cat came from or how long he was in the truck. The guy's girlfriend shows up and they end up taking him home. We temporarily give the cat the name of President Ford cause it was a Ford truck he was living in.

Found Kitten (September 7 2015) (1)

Before Ana and I leave we've got to figure out a way to break into the truck cause both the doors are locked and the keys aren't working. Failed attempts with close hangers. But with a crow bar and a long skinny old pipe from the garage I manage to push the unlock button inside the door.

Me: "With determination and persistence you can do anything."

Back home.

Settling down. Popcorn. Pluot. Milk Chocolate.

Watching Rambo II (1985)

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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