Saturday April 25 2015

Who You Are is Enough in Fredericksburg (April 25 2015) (2)[i]

Ana riles me up out of a hard sleep sometime before 11 a.m. She's whining about me wanting to sleep till noon and how she's gonna just eat the waffles all by herself.

Enjoying a nice breakfast together while Kevin raves on about the fajitas he's cooking. "Fajitas, dude! My fajitas are the bomb!"

Blueberry Oat Waffles with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese and Maple Syrup. Coffee with Cream and Honey.

I ask Ana if she wants honey in her coffee. She takes too long to decide.

"Too late!" I exclaim.

"It's okay. I have you," she says back.

Catching up on writing while Ana runs to the grocery store.

Then, to the Seatack Rec to throw the basketball around. I teach Ana a drill to learn how to dribble between the legs.

Ana: "Whenever I poop it's a lot! It'll be like four servings of poop."

Me: "I don't think they measure poop in servings. Cause it's not meant to be served."

Ana: "Okay then four results!"


Sharing a quick lunch at the house: Lentil Toast with Tomatoes and Mustard. Black Bean Quinoa Tortilla Chips with homemade Guacamole. Cinnamon Kombucha Tea.

Elliott and Michelle pick us up in a big black 15-passenger van. Picking up Joel then we're headed to Fredericksburg for a You're Jovian show. It's being held at a church as a benefit show for an anti-sexual assault organization. Time flies in the van...

Joel Sleeping in the Van (April 25 2015)

Me Sleeping in the Van (April 25 2015)

Paddy Wagon is On the Way (April 25 2015)

Who You Are is Enough in Fredericksburg (April 25 2015) (1)

The first band is a local teenage rock band. Apparently they've only been together for a week now. They play a pretty rad Violent Femmes cover. The lead singer reminds me of myself being in a band as a teenager, shy, nervous, but with a potential spark at being something great. Janis, the guy who puts on all the Fredericksburg shows, does an interesting experimental electronic set to the backdrop of four people playing Super Smash Bros. Then, I get up there with Elliott and Joel for You're Jovian. It's a lot faster than we practiced but we still play with precision and zest. A semi-surprise visit from Phil and Cheongah – they just drove in from the farm since they're less than an hour away.

You're Jovian Show in Fredericksburg (April 25 2015)

Afterwards, we stroll down the block in the rain to a pizza joint called Benny Vitali's where we gorge on the biggest pizza any one of us has ever laid eyes on, a 36-inch pie.

36-inch Pizza at Benny Vitali's in Fredericksburg (April 25 2015)

Phil, Elliott, Ana, and Friends at Benny Vitali's in Fredericksburg (April 25 2015)

Sodium levels are high from the tasty slices and we all know how thirsty we're going to be. Stocking up on water before we drive back to Virginia Beach.


Elliott's driving while I deejay in the passenger seat. Everyone else naps in the back.

Home at last. Cleaning up stuff in the kitchen and making a pitcher of green tea for the week.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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