Friday April 24 2015

Rachel and Ana at The Parlor (April 24 2015)[i]

Waking up semi-early at 10 a.m.

Raw Cacao Protein Shake with Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Almond Milk.

I've got to attend court from that three-car accident back in November. Seriously, November. The first time I came to court the officer who issued me the "following too closely" asked for a continuance to bring in the other drivers. So the second court date comes around in February and had to be rescheduled cause of the snow. And now here I am in April for the third time. I already know the drill in General District Court. Sit down and wait till my name is called. Andre, a guy that used to come to Movie Monday's, just happens to be here too for his own court case. What a coincidence. Eventually, I get called up. And it's as simple as just explaining the accident to the judge and convincing him I was not at fault. "Dismissed." I win at court today.

Anytime I'm over in this part of Virginia Beach I check out the thrift stores here. I run into Nick and Victoria from Zeke's.

Back home. Organizing my purchases and doing various chores around the house.

Lentil Sandwich with Tomato and Mustard. Leftover Potatoes and Onions. Honey Oolong Tea.

At the Seatack Rec shooting the basketball around.

To the Tidewater storage unit for a brush-up Ladada rehearsal. My fingers are starting to get kind of sore from all the bass playing this week but I gotta be resilient. Then, to the arts district off Granby in Norfolk. We've got a show at The Parlor with Avers and Logan Vath. Grabbing a few Tuna and Tofu Pokebowls from Zeke's across the street – they just opened up a few weeks ago. People start to pile in for the rock show at The Parlor. It's free entry so we might hit capacity. I feel like every time I come here I end up seeing old friends that I haven't seen in a while – it's always like a little reunion. Then again, if I lived in Norfolk and came to events like this all the time then it wouldn't even be a thing.

Aj and Ana at The Parlor (April 24 2015)

Ana comes up to me with bright eyes and asks, "Can I be your bracelet tonight?" meaning can she be by my side. What an adorable thing to say. Staying psyched throughout the night...

Ana and I at The Parlor (April 24 2015) (1)

I felt decent about our performance tonight. It had the pysch-rock and Motown energy that Josiah always pushes for. But I flubbed a lot of parts – Calum flubbed a lot of parts – Josiah flubbed a lot of parts. Just call us The Flubbers. But none of that matters cause people enjoyed the music.

Ladada Setlist for The Parlor (April 24 2015)

Sticking around for the rest of the show. Sipping on Hard Ciders and thoroughly enjoying Avers performance.

Later on, I've made it back home. Brushing my teeth, putting on a clean shirt, then immediately hopping into bed with Ana. I'm terribly exhausted. We both are. Her touch is soothing.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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