Monday October 13 2014

Beetle (October 13 2014)[i]

Waking up around 12:30 p.m.

Honey Crunch n Oats with Strawberries and Almond Milk. Plumcot.

Watching a very informative video where three doctors debate what constitutes the healthiest diet.

"The real issue is what's right for you? Everybody's different genetically. The data is confusing for the average lay person but I think the message should be: eat a real food diet. Eat a diet very low in sugar and refined processed foods, tons of phytonutrients and the rest of it might not matter as much. Eat real food and don't get so obsessed with studies. Eat what makes you feel good. Eat food that God made not that man made."

Letting Jupiter out like I always do and as always he goes wherever my legs trot. Whitney and I are trying to acclimate him with her big orange cat, Pumpkin. Whenever they pass in the hallway Pumpkin hisses at Jupiter. But over time we feel they will become great friends.

Chic Pea Cranberry Salad Sandwich with Tomato. Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Pac-Man Potato Chip...
Pac-Man Chip (October 13 2014)

Teaching piano and voice lessons at Music Makers.

I head into China Wok to help with the dinner rush like they asked me to but not a single order for 15 minutes. I leave and tell the bosses to call me if they need me.

Honey Crisp Apple. Vega Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

I make better use of my time by buying groceries at Trader Joe's, working out at The Escape, then playing pick-up basketball off First Colonial. A latecomer, like I was, shows up. It's just him and me. We play a dramatic game of 21 that lasts quite a while. Afterwards, he asks for a ride to Arbor Trace, which is right next door to Chanticleer. Normally, he'd have to walk all the way from Hardee's, where he works, to Hilltop. On the car ride there I find out his name is Jeremy and how much he loves basketball. I can tell by the enthusiasm in his voice how true that is. "Hell to the Yeah!" he exclaims. It's nice to be around others who do truly love the game. Even though music will always be first in my life, basketball is a sport that will always be there on the side for me.

Back at the house. We're actually having Movie Monday tonight. Ken, Ana, and Stephen are here. So is Kevin but he doesn't count cause he never stays downstairs to watch any movies with us. He's got his own agenda, which encompasses political news and Netflix.

Tuna Steak with Kale, Carrots, and Onions.

Showing Zach Braff's new film Wish I Was Here (2014). It's been ten years since Garden State (2004), the only other film he directed and wrote so the expectation is high. It turns out to be a lovely comedy drama filled with emotional truth and a little longer than it should've been.

Popcorn and an Éphémère Beer.

After the film is over we dry up our eyes from the teary moments. Ken and Stephen leave. Something is wrong with Ana – there's heaviness in her face. I end up out front standing beside her car window trying to pry into what's ailing her.

"I don't wanna be in this relationship anymore," she announces reluctantly.

I've heard this exact statement a couple times before. She usually says this when there's inner turmoil and personal things she's dealing with. It's a 20-something's crossroads so to speak. Obviously, the themes from the movie may have sparked these introspective thoughts. It's not the relationship that's lacking; it's something deeper than that. She spills her guts right there in the driver's seat. I bring back a roll of toilet paper to keep her face dry. She's scared of getting stuck in her life – we both have a strong desire to master our music craft. After her soul is settled we resign to the bedroom.

Sitting down at the computer I pull up the blog entry from last year to proofread. I laugh as I read it out loud to her. It's funny how on this night last year a similar emotional episode occurred between her and I, along with other similar things like discussing pre-mid-life crisis after watching a movie that touches on that topic.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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