Monday May 5 2014

Ana Ballin' (May 5 2014) (1)[i]

Waking up at 1:19 p.m.

Coffee. Instant Mixed Berry Oatmeal.

Errands. After depositing money in the bank I drive into the Whole Foods parking lot to find Darren and Josh socializing on the patio. "Are you serious right now?!" I hear one of them exclaim. I link up with them – Darren uses his 20% employee discount to buy some things for me. Then to Kroger. Darren and I argue in the line about how to pronounce the word "culinary". The nice lady behind the cash register seems to enjoy our bickering. Then to Trader Joe's. More camaraderie with familiar faces. I joke to Darren on the way out about the community in Hilltop.

Banana. Peanut Butter English Muffin. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Green Tea with Honey.

Driving to the Princess Anne Rec only to discover the gym will be closed until May 18th. But I also discover Aaron Lachman working behind the counter. I can't remember the last time we saw each other. We catch up briefly – eventually he'll be going into the category of old friends who are married before me.


I count my losses and resign at the Seatack Rec to play basketball. There's a lot of kids here. One of my balling buddies shows up and we start a big game of 21 with the young ones – it almost feels like we're running an after-school program. Ana shows up a little later. One of the boys challenges me to a one-on-one match – I pass it over to Ana...

Back at the house. I cook up Black Bean Tacos with Tomatoes, Cilantro, and Vegan Cheese for Ana and I. Ken, Will, and Darren are here for Movie Night. We're showing Lars Von Trier's Nymph()maniac: Vol. 1 (2013). Provocative and highly erotic is what we all expected (profound and ridiculous would also be good word choices) but it sparks some great discussion afterwards about addiction and the negative effects of sensationalism.


Ana already retreated to the bed when the movie was over. When I finish up conversations with the boys I join Ana in the bed – lying on my side with my arm propping up my head. I listen to her thoughts on the film and on various things. She asks one of those scary questions like, "What do you dislike about me?" There are character traits in her that I wouldn't necessarily identify as not liking – they're entertaining to say the least and add a bit of spice and spunk to the relationship. In the end I clarify that, "I like who you are. Don't change."

Sleep at some point.

[i] Images by me.

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