Wednesday April 30 2014

Mixed Media on Vinyl by Ana. (April 30 2014)[i]
(by Ana)

Waking up at 12:57 p.m.

Wheat Flakes and Berry Cobbler Granola with Almond Milk. Mango.

Organizing things downstairs.

Hard Boiled Egg. Tomatoes. Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin. Baked Chips. Green Tea with Honey. Apple.

Watching a documentary about an island off the coast of Brazil that's infested with snakes that have the most poisonous venom known to man.

Ana gets off work – we go to the Rec Center together – working out – shooting the basketball around.

Back at the house. Sharing a Super Spinach Salad and a large Cheese Pizza from Chicho's.

It's CRAFTS ~&~ ARTS tonight. In the dining room we've set up markers, paints, pizza boxes, etc. spread out across two tables. Josh and Darren are gulping down shots of vodka and rum. Mixed drinks are passed around. It's loud. They've got the stereo cranked to the highest possible volume. It's supposed to be arts and crafts night not get drunk and obnoxious night. Despite, people manage to create some things...

By Ken. Acrylic on Trader Joe's Paper Bag. (April 30 2014)(by Ken)

Goodbye Gift to Pissghetti. Acrylic on Pizza Box by Stef. (April 30 2014)(by Stef)

Mixed Media Collage by Elliott. (April 30 2014)(by Elliott)

The Videomatic Eye. Mixed Media Collage by me. (April 30 2014)(by me)

Meanwhile, Ana serves up some of her delectable Chocolate Silk Pie topped with Raspberries.

Later, in the bedroom. Ana and I practice songs we'll be performing this Saturday. Cuddling in the bed – instigating a light hearted conversation about the expectations we have of each other.

I turn over facing the wall as she caresses my backside eventually leading to elated sexual behavior.

Sleep at some late hour.

[i] Photographs by me. Items made by various people.

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