Wednesday November 20 2013

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! still.[i]

Waking up around 2 p.m.

Strawberry Toaster Pastries. Orange Juice.

General time spent reading articles and doing research.

Organizing and making improvements in my room.

Egg Sandwich with Kumato and Mayonnaise. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Black Tea.

At the Rec Center for open gym basketball. Playing a few games of 3-on-3.

Rehearsing with Josiah and Calum at the storage unit. We're playing a show this Saturday as The Hm Hmms, not Ladada or Bamm Bamm, even though we're basically just reviving Bamm Bamm material. We spend a lot of time teaching Calum the structure of the songs.

Back home. Ana's here. I cook us up a dinner: Spaghetti with Basil Tomato Sauce, Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic, and Parmesan Bagels. Kevin just got off work. He walks in, turns off the jazz radio, and serenades us with his violin. Later, upstairs in my room, I set up theater seating with pillows and crates in front of the computer for Ana and I to watch the 60's cult classic, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965), an exploitation film chock full of campy dialogue and beautiful longhaired women fighting. Sharing a few cups of Hot Cocoa and attempting to be comfortable in the seating but the crates keep sliding and our butts get sore. But it's still nice lounging with her entertained by one of the most quotable movies I've ever seen.


Tommy: Look, I don't know what the hell your point is, but...

Varla: The point is of no return and you've reached it!


Varla: I never try anything. I just do it. And I don't beat clocks, just people! Wanna try me?


Varla: If you believe that how could you be with me like this?

Kirk: Cause you're a beautiful animal. And I'm weak. And I want you.

I compliment the high pull-up black pants she's wearing.

Ana: "Yeah, these are my house pants."

Me: "I've got on my house pants too!"

Ana: "Yeah we're just hanging out in our house pants drinking cocoa, watching movies."

Ana Reading Siddhartha (Nov 20 2013)[ii]

Sleep at 5 a.m.

[i] Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! still.

[ii] Image by me.

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