Wednesday October 23 2013

Hanging Laptop (2)(October 23 2013)[i]

Waking up at 1:17 p.m.

Grapefruit. Almond Yogurt Granola Bar. Orange Juice. Vitamin C (500 mg).


Grilled Cheese on a Bagel with Hummus and Tomato. Flaxseed Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Hummus. Honey Black Tea. Strawberry Greek Yogurt.

Breaking Bad.

At the neighborhood clubhouse running a few miles on the treadmill.

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar.

At the storage unit practicing songs with Josiah and Calum. My right thumb is still healing and therefore I can't hold a pic and strum a guitar or bass. It's amazing how much this affects almost every aspect of my life. I'm restricted from music, playing basketball, etc. At any rate I attempt to finger pic the bass but it doesn't sound as crisp.


In between sets Josiah and I reminisce over a few Mae tour stories.

Josiah: "Sometimes I wish I could hop in a time machine just to see what was around that corner..."

After going over the bridge of "Comets" Josiah stops to stretch his back and neck. He does it in such a way that seems cathartic and non-human.

Josiah: "Whoo! Heebeegeebees."

Me: "For some reason I just imagined you taking off your head and your arms, and all of a sudden we realize you're a robot."

Josiah: "Sometimes I think I am, man. Sometimes I think I am."


Me: "That's too philosophical for me."

Back home. Sasha cooked up a big pot of Chicken and Bean Chili, a recipe she found on a blog. Ana arrives and we eat a few bowls with some Bread Rolls.


Upstairs, I rig up a hanging laptop shelf on the roof of the loft bed using some fruit basket chain links and a tray from the mini-fridge. Surprised at how functional it turns out to be, creating free leg movement. I put on Drive (2011) cause she hasn't ever seen it, one of my all-time favorite films of this century. Sharing Popcorn and a can of PBR. Afterwards, she keeps me up for hours talking in the dark. During a moment of silence she'll emit softly, "Robert?" I can't do anything but smile and listen. This is peak time for her thoughts and analyzations. She would usually write in her journal but prefers to talk out loud. Sometimes she'll start out saying something and then...nothing.

Me: "Ellipses. There you go again...never finishing your sentences."

There are humorous points in the conversation and sometimes we hit serious points, like the topic of cleaning up her life: new job, new living situation, change and such. It takes time. Accomplish one thing at a time. She always complains about how she doesn't open up to me like she wants to and I feel this might be pivotal that she's doing this now. Eventually, I don't know how or when, we drift off to sleep.

[i] Image by me.

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