Monday October 28 2013

Vampire Salt and Pepper Shakers (Oct 28 2013)[i]

☼ ○ ▬

Meeting up at a gas station with friends. Rachel and a girlfriend of hers roll up in a new ride, a sparkly purple 80's Chevy Caprice convertible. Inside the car it's similar to the inside of an inflated boat. Rachel asks for my help to put air in the tires. I slide it down this hill where the air machine is. I notice the back tires are so old the thread is ripped off. I don't even know how she drove it here. I spend a lot of time attempting to put air in these tires. There are little electronic gauges for each tire. 44 PSI is the recommended pressure. Everybody's waiting for me to finish. 

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 11 a.m.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Vitamin C (500 mg).

All day shift at China Wok.

Banana. Pumpkin Seeds.

It's a slow and steady afternoon. Ling tries to talk with me about how easy it is to create a multi-billion dollar business in less than 10 years.

Toasted Peanut Butter Sandwich. Pretzel Thins. Honey Green Tea.

Delivering an order to The Schooner Inn over on 2nd Street, the last hotel on the south end before you hit the Rudee Inlet. It's 6 o'clock, that magical part of the evening when the sun is almost finished setting creating a pleasant orange glow that makes everything look so distinct and unique. On the 6th floor walking down the breezeway, I can feel the wind from the ocean blow across my face. I reach the room at the very end. I look down below at the fishermen waiting patiently over the shoal and some kid with a skateboard attempting a kick-flip on a curb. The customer opens the door. She's an African beauty dressed in mostly black with shiny, but modest, gold earrings. There's nothing exceptional about our interaction except for this smile she gives me, such a genuine smile, the kind of smile that makes you feel like a million bucks. I walk back to the elevator and, during the brief ride down, allow my imagination to create a story. I would go back into that room. There would be an understanding between each other...a shared sense of romance. An endearing and sexual scene would unravel in that hotel room, maybe just for an hour or the rest of the night. It's not even her that I was necessarily attracted to but it was the idea, the potential for an erotic encounter that attracted me. It was only a fleeting daydream, and I only entertain them for entertainment value as you would watching a TV show or something. 

Fiberful Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bar. Apple.

Delivering an order in Chanticleer. These three kids sitting in the back of a pickup truck ask me as I run to the car, "Hey, is your job fun?"

Without enough time to think of something funny to say I respond, "Oh, it's great!"

What I really wanted to say was, "Oh. Mad money and mad bitches!" Of course I would've meant that literally, the mad bitches part.

Around 9 p.m. Elliott shows up unannounced. He needs to print out some show flyers next door at the FedEx office. While he rides in the passenger seat on a few deliveries I recant some funny stories from the day and from the house.

Off work and back home.

Earlier Elliott gave me a chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-A. I asked Ling to cut it up into a dish: Chicken with Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.

Breaking Bad.

Skippy, Anthony, Josh, and Kevin are smoking out front. I carry the bike over to my car. They're giving me a hard time.

Josh: "Careful guys! He needs to focus cause he has to write about this in his blog later!"

While fiddling with the air pump Kevin pesters me with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.

I mock, "And as usual Kevin's drinking a cigarette and smoking a beer!"

Realizing the switch up I made Kevin repeats questioningly, "Drinking a cigarette, Robert?"

He pops a squat in the driver's seat and puffs smoke into the windshield.

I ignore his behavior.

Realizing I'm not affected by it he gets out and says, "You're no fun, Robert."

Me: "I know you want a reaction. I'm just not gonna give it to you. Everyone wants a reaction and I'm not giving it to them!"

The guys go back inside and I take off into the cold night. Taking a detour through the Linlier neighborhood and eventually stopping at the basketball courts at Linkhorn Middle. I wanted to test out my recovering thumb to see if I could handle throwing a ball around.

Back home.

Sipping on a Yuengling.

Sleep 5 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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