Monday September 2 2013

Benjamin Fritz.[i]

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Elliott and I break into a youth rec center attempting to create an obstacle course with all the foursquare balls and basketballs. We hear a security officer walk in. He obviously knows something's wrong. It was just a matter of time till we got caught. We don't hide and come out to meet the officer and comply that we'll just leave.

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In Russia with a group of friends, including Ana – we're waiting at a train station. It's about to take off suddenly. In a rush I jump into the train without all my belongings. Immediately the train takes off but none of my friends (nor Ana) made it on. A harsh feeling hits my gut. This sucks. Everybody on the train is a Russian-speaking local. I find a seat up in the very front where the conductor should be. I realize after a while that the trains are being towed by helicopters high up in the air rather than locked into railroad tracks. It's kind of surreal. We land somewhere inside this great big gym. David Hasselhoff appears. He's supposed to be running this convention of some kind. He makes a few announcements at the front of the train and cracks a few small-time jokes with me. Later, in the green room, which turns out to just be the dining room in my house, I find a few gold-wrapped gifts on the table, one with some Russian girl's name and another with my ex-girlfriend Margot's name. It's understood the gifts are from Hasselhoff. He enters the room. I ask him about the Russian girl.

Me: "Tiffany is her name? Yes I met her on the train earlier!"

Hasselhoff: "Oh yeah? Did you guys have some kind of connection or something?"

I feel embarrassed and I think he's suspicious of me hitting on his current girlfriend.

Me: "No. No. Nothing like that. It was just friendly."

Then, I question why he's giving a gift to Margot.

Me: "So...were you seeing Margot?"

Reluctantly, he says, "Yeah."

Me: "Like seeing her for a few months or something?"

Hasselhoff: "Yeah."

David Hasselhoff dated my ex-girlfriend! I can' believe it.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up stuffy and hot next to Ana. During the dreams she slipped over in the dip between the bed and the wall. I chuckle in my head and wonder if this happened at the point when I lost her on the train.

Sharing Coffee and Peanut Butter Toast.

Ana's got on this new kick of drawing with markers in a sketchbook. Of course, she's hesitant to show me her work.

Me: "Why are you so embarrassed by what you create?"

We run errands together. Dropping off recyclables. Target. Trader Joe's.

Sharing Salad, fresh Pineapple, and beer at the dining room table. Elliott and James Nee drop by. Meanwhile, Kofi and Laron are having a Black Panthers meeting in the living room.

"Power to the people!"

Outside, Elliott, James Nee, Kofi, and I join the neighborhood high school kids in a game of football in the Lutheran church parking lot. I can't even remember the last time I played football.

Ritter Sport Chocolate.

At the storage unit playing music with Josiah and Calum. We work out a few new songs with a lot of potential. I feel kind of bad because earlier I made clear to Josiah that I didn't want to go on this long trip to Illinois for the Daytrotter sessions. Besides my concerns with the trip being a strenuous 16-hour drive just for a spot on a blog site there were other personal concerns from family members. I know Josiah was really looking forward to getting away from the city and being able to spend time with guy friends. But it seems it would be in his best interest to avoid going on a trip of this caliber. 


Elliott and James Nee appear with snacks from Wawa. James tells us how the government now recognizes professional video gamers as athletes.

Back home. The gang discovered Kevin left his phone unattended while he went to Tapped, the bar across the street. Of course nobody in this house can pass up the opportunity to post a prank Facebook status: "Gonna be a daddy! I was shocked at first but now I couldn't be happier!" The comments and likes add up and word gets wind to his mother. Kevin Moore, the clown of our family.

Japanese Style Rice with Edamame, Carrots, Mushrooms, and Onions. Honey Oolong Tea.

Organizing music files.

Sleep around 4 a.m.

[i] Benjamin Fritz.

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