Wednesday January 2 2013


Waking up a little later than usual at 1:27 p.m.

Strawberry Toaster Pastries. Orange Juice.

Tickling the ivories downstairs while Anthony and Kevin partake in a salmon meal.

Re-watching Cloud Atlas (2012).

“And I confess women’s hearts like their desires remain a mystery to me.”

“Freedom. The fatuous jingle of our civilization. But only those deprived of it have the barest inkling of what it really is.”


Grilled Cheese Bagel with Tomato and Edamame Hummus. Homemade Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

General roommate camaraderie.

Kevin takes his shirt off and I notice his little patch of chest hair near the sternum almost resembles the bat symbol. It inspires him and he attempts to shave it into submission.

Feeling restless and as a vegetable. I head to the clubhouse and run over two miles on the treadmill. My body feels revived. Motivation to do things has kicked in.

Grilled Salmon with a hefty Salad and Parmesan Bread.

Elliott pops in at random and invites me to Pinboys for some bowling with Taylor and Michelle. But unfortunately there’s only time for one game. Then I invite them all back to my place. I feed Elliott a grilled cheese with some fried potatoes, what he would’ve gotten if we had gone to Rick’s. We invest in a few entertaining games of Sequence.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] All images by me.

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