Saturday June 24 2023

Waking up at noon.


Granola Cereal. Tea.


At Music Makers letting Brittany in to teach a lesson then Broadway rehearsal starts early. I run some errands first – getting groceries at Whole Foods – then back at the studio we run through the show.


Afterwards, I take off to Smartmouth at the oceanfront. Berries, Shagwuf, and Shormey are performing for the Party Wave Fest. It’s great to get out of my routine and just enjoy a show without being the performer. Tristan Stewart is here and other friends I haven’t seen in a while. Its weird cause two of my ex-girlfriends happen to be here, Ana and Margot. Margot has her guy here too, which they seem happily together but she’s friendly with me offering a clove cigarette. Berries and Shagwuf kill it – very impressed with Erwin running sound making all the bands cut through clearly for an outside show. Enjoying pizza and a beer (I had a salad earlier before I left the house).


Later on at the studio color coding mics and organizing a few things.


Back home. Snacking on Popcorn and vegging out.


Playing with Elvis.


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