Friday September 18 2020

Waking up around noon.


Ana makes us Blueberry Waffles from scratch. We get into a semi-sensitive discussion about the roles of male and female – and how gender stereotypes won’t ever go away but they differ from person to person.


I hole up in my room for a while communicating with a thousand people – parents/students about finalizing MMLIVE things – the Fleetwood band about doing a Smartmouth show in October.


Ana and I get groceries from Whole Foods and Kroger.


Then, grabbing some very late lunch at Pink Dinghy.


Then, we decide to practice some music at the studio. We agreed to do a small Smartmouth show for their 8th year anniversary. It’s been a while since we’ve done a Musicplayer gig but we need a goal to motivate us into playing again.


Back home. Ana cooks us a late dinner: a big pot of Vegetable Soup with Quinoa.

I share that Social Dilemma documentary with her.


Then, I ride my bike down to the oceanfront. There’s high winds pushing and pulling at me making it a challenge. I guess the hurricane winds from down south are hitting us.


Peanut Butter Pretzels.


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