Wednesday November 20 2019

Waking up at 11:15 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, Maple Syrup, and Kefir. English Breakfast Tea.


Basketball at the Rec.


Scrambled Eggs. Sweet Potato Biscuits with Butter and Jam. Spinach. Coffee.

Watching The Pelican Brief (1993).


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.


Back home. Ana made us dinner: Pumpkin Soup with Cauliflower, Onions, Mushrooms, Kale, Carrots, and Naan Bread.


Cookies and Green Tea.


Ana and I practice hardcore at the studio in preparation for a gig this weekend.


Popcorn and Chips. OJ.



Sleep 3:30 a.m.

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