Sunday July 8 2018


Waking up at 10:45 a.m.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Strawberries, Maple Syrup, and Almond Milk. English Breakfast Tea.

Two MMLIVE rehearsals today with Drew helping coach. It’s a lively and productive double band session.

Right before starting a take of a song Drew will add things like, “I need effort, concentration, and heart!”

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Zucchini Frittatas. Iced Coffee.

Meeting Rich at his trailer in Derby Run. We’ve commissioned him to use his 1975 Plymouth Scamp in a getaway scene for the Ladada music video shoot. He drives us down past the court houses on the two lane road when farmhouses come into view. In the passenger seat soaking it all in. Rich is a longtime friend from back in the day during my punk rock phase. He’s blasting a local punk band from the 90’s using a CD player hooked up to computer speakers. A colorful picture of Tori Amos and a sunset painted on the glove box. The engine roars as I breathe in the fuel fumes from the old robust engine.

I follow the dropped pin in Google Maps and we meet up with Josiah, Jonnie, Bobby, Felix, and a makeup artist near some corner past the Virginia Beach city line on Fentress Airfield Road. Felix directs all the shots as we act out scenes involving fake paper $100 bills flying out the windows, blood, and a drone. Definitely the weirdest thing I’ve done in this band. But what a great time we have.

Back home.

Warming up some leftover Spaghetti and Naan Bread with a Salad for dinner.

Chillin’ with Ana and Elvis.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Photo of Scamp by Felix.

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