Thursday July 30 2015

Plant Adoption (July 30 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:52 a.m.

I dropped my oatmeal container while walking down the stairs and oatmeal spilt everywhere. I was holding it by the lid and the lid came loose. I'm not usually clumsy but when trying to do simple tasks after just waking up sometimes those simple tasks are challenging.

Oatmeal with Strawberry Juice, Blueberries, Chia Seeds, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Kefir. Hazelnut Teeccino. Instead of coffee or tea I'm trying out this coffee alternative with no caffeine called Teeccino. It contains stuff like chicory, dates, and carob.

Teaching a lesson out in Kempsville.

Leftover Pizza with one Egg. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Honey Green Tea. Pineapple.

Watching Rocky (1976).

Teaching more lessons at Music Makers.

At the Great Neck Rec for adult basketball. I'm hooked up with desirable teammates who are serious enough to play great basketball but can still take a loss. The very first game I'm "hot" as one bystander put it. If it wasn't for the first five points I made I don't think we'd have won. For some reason my ball handling is sharp. I'm feeling confident.


Back home. Making dinner: Dover Sole Filets with Broccoli, Carrots, Beets, Onions, and Basmati Rice. Sipping on a Grapefruit Stiegl.

Ana got off work extra late tonight. I have her dinner plate ready on the table.

We share a little bit of our day and thoughts while I hang up my clothes. I can tell she's very exhausted from working both jobs. Later she apologizes for acting like she doesn't care when I talk. She approaches me at my computer chair with a gleaming look in her eye and holds me in for a hug – cradling my face with her hands. I can't help but giggle.

"Why are you laughing?" she asks.

"You just make me giggle all the time."

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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