Tuesday February 17 2015

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (4)[i]

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Stuck in a movie plot where there are no cameras or camera crew, just the actors and the story. I'm supposed to be the female role in a newly formed romantic relationship. We got mixed up with a crime lord in the boondocks of North Carolina, some of the area resembles the woods and neighborhood where I remember my dad lived in Dudley. My lover (his name is Joe) takes off with a bunch of strangers in a jeep cause we've been fighting. I implore him to stay. Once the gravity of him leaving hits me in the gut I start weeping right in front of him. The guys in the jeep are irritated and impatient. I request if they can wait a couple minutes while I grab my suitcases. They're not interested in waiting. As soon as I let go of my lover and step out of the jeep they storm off down the road heading to God knows where. Devastated I run back to the house of the crime lord where we've been shacking up. I overhear a conversation between two ladies. One of them comments, "Now I can go to the moon or jump off a roof," implying that so many bad things have happened going to the moon or jumping off a roof would seem second rate. I'm eating a dinner plate of hard-boiled eggs cut in half with spinach greens and potatoes. A black lady from the neighborhood sits down to talk with me and make sure I'm eating healthy. Soon after I finish my food the crime lord guy (appears to be Woody Harrelson) receives a call from Gleade, the guy driving the jeep with Joe. Apparently Gleade works with the crime lord. Something happened to the jeep, a flat tire or something, and they need help. Also, Joe requested to be picked up and brought back here...to me. < 3 

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Waking up around 12:45 p.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maca Powder, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Coffee with Cream and Honey.

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (2)

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (1)

Ana gets off work early. It's time for snow activities! I corral everyone (Kevin, Whitney, and Ana) into the car and we drive to pick up Elliott. Searching the oceanfront for the best icy hills to boogie board down. We locate a good starter hill on a parking garage. Then, at The Cavalier right out in front of the old hotel everybody from around shows up with their kids and girlfriends bringing their sleds, snowboards, trashcan lids, and even a baby mattress. Randomly we run into Jamil and his girlfriend. We all take turns down the hill. Watching a guy wipe out with his GoPro and a little boy banging his head on a staircase pole. I scrape my wrist a little bit when Elliott and I go tandem (blood in the snow).

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (3)

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (5)

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (6)

Snow Dayz (February 17 2015) (7)

Back home. Eating a Chic Pea Salad Sandwich with Tomato, Pancit Noodles, and Pineapple.

Everyone separates for a while to settle in and recuperate.

Later, downstairs I crank up the stereo for a strenuous workout/dance session with Ana. Kevin lies safely under the comfort of his comforter on the couch.

In Ana's room we enjoy a strenuous sex session.

Making our first Cauliflower Pizza from scratch. It turns out much better than expected. Enjoying it with a side Salad.

Cauliflower Pizza (February 17 2015)

I invited Art over for a night of video gaming. I set up the Sega Genesis on the big screen. Mortal Kombat. NBA Jam. Kevin and Ana join for a while. Then Art and I set up our laptops in the dining room for a strenuous Unreal Tournament session. We could play this for hours and hours and hours. But at some point we have to put up the stop sign and call it quits.

Upstairs in my room I pull out the Gameboy Pocket and play Super Mario Land, a game from my childhood. I didn't plan on doing this but I can't start playing and not attempt to beat the game. This takes another hour of my night but I pull through and am victorious. I don't think I ever beat this game when I was a boy so I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and joy.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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