Thursday December 26 2013

Dance! Dance in the Blue Glow! (Dec 26 2013)[i]

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A Velociraptor T-Rex hybrid is on the loose in a school. We're holed up in a restroom. We can hear it's heavy breathing and screeching behind the door. I thought we had locked the door but the dinosaur barges through with ease. I throw a towel over its head to confuse it. And this gives us the opportunity to escape. I dart out into the hallway and head straight outside the double glass doors – jumping on the roof of the school. I can sense the dino roaming the perimeter. Eventually, I run off the ledge and slowly elevate myself into the air using an umbrella-like device to stay afloat – gliding through the trees traveling further and further away from danger...

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At Winston's Café in Chesapeake. I'm just hanging out with friends here to see some kind of show. While sitting down at a table these two black dudes sit down with me and make small talk. Something in their voices doesn't seem right. They keep inviting me to some New Years party that I'm not interested in. During the conversation I'm organizing big-numbered bills in my hands. Then I have the realization that these guys are con-men. I turn my head for one second and discover the guy's hand sneaking into my backpack. I call him out and say sternly, "I would like you to! Give me my money back." He gives me a handful of mini-boxes with coins inside. I stand up and announce to everyone, "These guys right here are thieves!" They seem embarrassed and march out the front door. Security officers stay alert.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 12:45 p.m.

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Milk.

Figuring out my life.

Chicken Sandwich with Tomato. Popped Potato Chips. Cranberry English Breakfast Tea.

At the Rec Center. The gym is packed with people. Playing a few pick-up basketball games with anyone available. I think I've hit the point in my basketball career that my skill level is maintained considering I play so often. Shooting nothing-but-net 3-pointers and making buckets right and left. It appears that I'm the most valuable player on this court at least. I've still got some steps to climb in the adult games. One of my opponents comments about how based on appearance he wouldn't have taken me for a decent baller.

Working a few part-time hours at China Wok making easy cash.

Tofu with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.

I'm surprised downstairs when Becca walks in with Chris Remaley and a friend. I knew she was in town for Christmas but I wasn't sure when she'd come over with hair cutting supplies for our annual haircut party. James Graves and I get haircuts while Chris draws caricatures of us. Ana walks in surprised to see everyone.

Annual Haircut Party (Dec 26 2013)

Caricatures by Chris (Dec 26 2013)

Becca pretends to start shaving my back hair. I exclaim, "What're doing?!"


Me: "No! Stop! Like, that's my strength right there. If you cut off my back hair it's like Samson & Delilah."

Chris: "I decided before I get married. I'm just gonna laser remove all my back hair."

Me: "Permanently?"

Chris: "Permanently."


Talking about boyhood, "Yeah I was just a kid with a basketball. I just wanted to look cool."

James: "A kid with a basketball?"

Me: "Yeah man."

Chris: "A young man with a dream."

Me: "I started off with a basketball. Then I found the piano."

Chris: "And there was no more traveling."

Me: "I travel. I go to Norfolk sometimes."


Ana talks about cutting her hair. Josh begs, "Please don't cut your hair. Please don't. If you cut your hair off I will re-fix it and glue it onto my head. And I'll be Ana. I'll literally glue it to my head. It won't be weird. I'll change my Facebook to Ana."

Me: "Ana Vaughan. Anashua!"

Unicorn Face (2)(Dec 26 2013)

I toast bagels and make coffee for anyone who wants it, a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese for myself. Josh is hopped up on that Rain vodka, distilled seven times. He encourages me to have a few shots with him. "C'mon, Robert. I have never had a shot with you since I've lived here." We move the table out of the way and turn up the stereo. Dancing in the blue light.

After laughing hysterically at fart noises made by James, everybody leaves. Josh is passed out on the floor in the living room with Sophie on guard nuzzled in the blanket.

In my room Ana and I cuddle up and have sex. It's rejuvenating.

Sleep at 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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