Saturday May 7 2011

DREAM: Describing a dream I just had to Margot within another dream: Inside a section of a house that’s supposed to be 1623 but looks entirely different. There are people everywhere and the floor is covered in snow, but my feet aren’t getting wet. It’s understood that a lady from The Property Shoppe is coming to inspect the home tomorrow and decide what repairs or charges I will get taken out of my security deposit. ☼☼☼☼☼ In an airport. I’ve just gotten in line to buy some ice cream. The menu above me has four square images of flavors and dishes. I watch as other people are served. I see a green colored ice cream and think of kiwi. I ask the man behind the counter, “What do you recommend with kiwi? The Tropical?” which happens to be the fourth image on the menu. He starts putting together my ice cream. But suddenly something goes wrong and the electricity goes out everywhere. The machines and tools can’t be used to finish my ice cream. The employees are trying to complete it but the ice cream is melting in one of their hands. Realizing I won’t be delighting in ice cream I immediately run down a hallway past a security guard who’s checking id’s and plane tickets. He hollers at me to stop. I continue my fast pace hoping I can make it on the plane. He keeps shouting and demanding that he needs to see my birth certificate. “Sir! Come back here! I need your birth certificate!” It’s becoming difficult to run, sometimes in slow motion and the guard is very close to catching me. I arrive at the kiosk to enter the plane where a woman asks for my birth certificate. I explain, “I have it! It’s in my safety deposit box.” which is at home or maybe in a locker somewhere. So it’s useless. I attempt to run past her and……………….

Waking up around 11 a.m….next to her warm brown body again—such a lovely feeling.

Breakfast: Organic Strawberry Pop Tart. Orange Juice.

Having to work a full day shift at China Wok.

The sun’s bright intruding light baring down—nothing my blue shades can’t handle.

Sitting down in the restaurant waiting for orders. Two guys in their 30’s sitting just across the way waiting for their food.

One of them asks me, “Do the Verizon girls come in here?”

Me: “Oh yeah.”

Him: “There’s some sexy ones come in here man!”

Quick stop at the house for lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Ling, my boss/chef delegates me to go buy string beans from Kroger. The restaurant never orders them so whenever a customer wants them for dinner we have to make a Kroger trip. I pick up a Vitamin Water and gorge the whole bottle within 2 minutes.

The orders keep coming. It’s systematic: Knock on the door and/or ring the doorbell. Say “Hey how you doin?”. Make the transaction. If there’s a dog or cat, make sure to greet or acknowledge their presence then compliment them. Say “Thanks. Have a good night”. Then rush back in the car and repeat the process at another address.

Texting Margot…

Me: “i saw a few cute girls today and realized how cuter you are.”

Her: “Dats right! You better think that! <3”

It’s been almost 11 hours since I started working. Long day. And it keeps on going and going.

Chowing down on Vegetable Lo Mein while I drive because I’m that hungry.

Walking into the house—music blaring and a crowd of the usual people.

Me: “Hey Anthony! Guess how many cute girls I delivered to today?”

Anthony: “How many?”

Me: “Three.”

Anthony: “Legitimately?”

Me: “Yes, legitimately.”


Downstairs—describing the cute girl experiences I had today with Anthony. “It’s funny because you go through the motion of delivering. You go up to the door and expect to make a quick transaction. And then someone attractive opens up the door and it catches you off guard…….It’s the perfect plot set up for a short film. The Chinese food delivery driver encounters an attractive customer and because he already knows her address and has her phone number from the ticket he begins an unhealthy obsession, which leads to stalking and awkward attempts at trying to hang out with her.

It just gets to a point where you see so many throughout your life and you literally see how there’s so many fish in the sea—it’s overwhelming—and even though it’s exciting to observe, you realize it’s not about that anymore. Beauty is fleeting. It’s unoriginal and redundant, at least conceptually, but you can’t help but respond to the effects of it.

This leads to a debate on soul mates. I grab a dry erase board and map out my theory on how soul mates rarely work out because people attract themselves to the wrong mates in so many different ways, through globalization, technology, pressures to get married quick. But really, it’s all situational. Being happy with someone you know that you love is the most important. Anthony’s rebuttal involves John Cusack movies.

Business—calculating the figures for the month.

Eating a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat.

Newspaper route—Anthony joins me to makes things go quicker.

He comments on how settled he feels with the dynamic of our roommates and how it does resemble kind of a family.

Throughout the route we compose a rap. Check it:

Sleep 6 a.m.

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