Friday January 8 2021


Sometime after noon I let Elvis into the room – he’s always so cuddly in the morning. He lies right on my stomach looking at me with half closed eyes.


Cereal. Tea.


Catching up on lots of business.


Running some errands. Music Makers is now open on Fridays – I’m here talking with Rebecca to plan out all the upcoming Broadway and MMLIVE things coming up while she watches the front desk. The business is truly expanding and growing. We really are gonna need a bigger place soon enough.


Ana and I head to the mall to return some things to H&M. We wanted to recycle a bunch of clothes but because of Covid that’s a no go.


Later on, we dine in at Baby Izakaya at the oceanfront. One of my students gave me a digital gift card to use here and I always wanted to bring Ana. We’re able to sit inside – not very many people here to begin with. Jon Reynolds is the regular mixologist/bartender here. Love being able to watch the chefs cook nearby in plain sight.

Enjoying all kinds of small plates: Tempura Nori Seaweed, Potato Wedges, Ramen, Sea Bass, and Tiramisu.


Back home in my room we make fire in the bed.


Playing DOOM.


At the studio catching up on business.   


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