Friday July 31 2020


Waking up around noon.


Ana and I enjoy a beautiful stack of Blueberry Pancakes that I made from scratch with Tea.


Catching up on business and doing the books.


We thought it was gonna be a nice sunny day but then the rain falls like the flood. But that’s not gonna stop us from doing what we wanna do!


Ana drives us to Aloha Snacks for lunch: Tuna and Tofu. Fries. Malasada.


Picking up some pots and saucers from Taylor’s Do-it Center.


Chores around the house.


I’ve got to get a second application from the doctor on this lesion or wart.


At home it’s time to repot a bunch of plants we’ve been rooting and some that just need replenishing. I spend practically the whole night doing it – it’s the kind of thing that you need a whole day to really do. Ana does some of her plants and helps cook dinner.


Watching episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix over bowls of Japanese Style Fried Rice with Asparagus and Carrots.


I finish doing the plant thing and cleaning up. There’s so much to do.


Finally, taking care of myself upstairs. Ana explains how grateful she is to have me and to have each other.


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