Saturday July 27 2013

Photo by Don Taylor.[i]

First alarm goes off at 7:15 a.m. Ana leaves for work.

☼ ○ ▬

Multiple dream scenarios involving an Alien-esque story line except the alien monster is supposed to be a T-Rex.

▬ ○ ☼

Second alarm goes off at 11:05 a.m. Time to hit the China Wok grind.

Orange Juice. Greek Mango Yogurt.

All day shift.

I receive reflection texts from Ana, as expected the day after spending time with her. Yesterday I bought Ana a chocolate coconut water to try...

Her: "Thank you for the chocolate coconut water. It was refreshing! I'm hooked! ^_^ Actually.. Thank you for everything you do! Whether it's for me or other people! I've never met anyone so helpful! I'M lucky!"

Me: "I've never met anyone so supportive and understanding, as well as beautiful."

Her: "I try my best to be supportive and understanding to anyone (especially you!!! eheheh) because everyone obviously has a back story to their thoughts and intentions. I like to believe that there's something good in everyone! (You've gotalotofthat!) You have this innocent light around you. I guess that's your aura!!)" 

It's just a typical weekend afternoon: Hot, hot sun shining on my driver's arm/shoulder and a few stiffs here and there.

Five Guys French Fries with Ketchup. Honey Green Tea.

The day continues slowly. For some reason the nighttime deliveries are bare.

Not a very fruitful day whatsoever.

Back home.

Chowing down on Vegetable Moo Shu and watching Panic (2000).

Ana and Leah stop by, but only for one minute, literally. Ana just needed to retrieve some stuff she left in my fridge as well as give me a container of some mungo beans her mom made.

Me: "Yeah it was just a stressful day. Well, not stressful. Disappointing is a better word."

Sipping on a beer.

Unreal Tournament.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] Don Taylor.

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