Sunday August 23 2009 (craigslist)

WOMEN WITH CHILD AT GOODWILL SUPERTHRIFT - m4w - 25 (Goodwill Superthrift VB Blvd)

Goodwill Superthrift.
Virginia Beach Boulevard.
Rummaging through the second hand madness.
I brush by you with your child.
Familiar face?
I confirm it’s not.
Ooo. A wall clock for $3.25.
Still attached to it’s box and new.
You’re in my peripheral vision.
Check out this boom box, circa 1984.
Your face is haunting me.
There’s a small bookshelf for $20.
Where did you go?
I dread the thought that you might’ve left.
Look at this massive VHS selection!
Three for a dollar.
Oh. There you are.
Sifting through a shirt rack.
Your beautiful backside is in sight.
And here: the CDs!
An Ace of Base album is expected.
You’re so close to me now.
On my knees exploring the shelf below.
From the waist down,
Your perfectly shaped structure grips my imagination.
It’s time to make my purchase.
I lost you again.
The clerk needs to see my ID.
Thank God! You’re still on perimeter by the door.
Hurry! Finish the transaction.
This is my only chance.
I walk a difficult route to the door.
My blood cells are quivering.
I devise a plan to approach you.
Just do it! Say it!
Those patio chairs are still there for only $6 each.
My legs feel limp.
What is happening to me?
Is it really necessary?
I attempt another time.
Walking up to you.
Your child catches my eye.
Oh what a find! Cranium for $5.
My heart is pounding a furious jungle beat.
What is wrong with me?
This is not necessary.
Okay. Now or never.
I walk up to you and just say it.
Your eyes are fixed on me.
My nervousness has to be obvious.
Your hair falls on your face like a frozen waterfall.
My words: “excuse me?”
You give me complete attention.
“I…uh…hope you don’t find this creepy…”
My ability to breath is leaving.
“I just wanted to say that…”
Your kid shows a detective-like curiosity.
“I think you’re beautiful.”
It’s out. I said it.
Your reply: “thank you…I don’t find that creepy.”
Where do we go from here?
I spout out a friendly “have a nice day”
And walk away from your content angel face.
Your ego and confidence are high.
My body’s reactions are too much for me to extinguish.
Mission accomplished.
I confessed everything to you.
In my car now.
Legs are numb.
Blood cells regenerating.
Heart is pulsing a mellow waltz.
This is similar to an orgasmic aftermath.
It’s over now.

  • Location: Goodwill Superthrift VB Blvd
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